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Are Composite Dental Fillings Safe?

Composite resin filling has become the trending dental treatment. A lot of dentists in different parts of the world are opting for it as an alternative solution to amalgam filling. The aesthetic appeal and healthy smile are the significant factors people have developed their trust on this dental option. Many researchers have concluded that composite dental fillings do not have any health concerns.


The composite dental filling contains three components that include coupling agents, a resin matrix, and inorganic fillers. The resin matrix in the dental composite is made of Bis-GMA, which consists of a small quantity of Biphenol A (BPA) monomer.


There are a plethora of benefits of composite tooth filling.


The composite dental filling has replaced silver amalgams rapidly in the past few years. Many dentists consider that composite resin causes no health concern. Both composite filling and sealants are made of resin material, containing BPA which releases for sometime in the mouth after filling replacement.

 However, the dentist community pointed out some significant facts. According to them, studies have failed to underline any conclusive results regarding the use of BPA in the resins as a harmful component. In addition to that, they believe that composite resins use a negligible amount of Bis-GMA, which is not detrimental to the patients. They concluded health concerns regarding composite resins are baseless that and do not have substantial evidence to prove BPA as a threat to human health.

Not a single study has found any link between BPA and deleterious health concern. This aspect makes use of composite dental filling a safe and healthy option to protect your teeth from germ coating and plaque.


In conclusion, US FDA does not consider BPA a health concern and promotes those composite resins, despite containing BPA, is safe for human health. It further emphasizes that composite filling has many advantages, such as it is affordable, gives patients a pleasant and natural smile. Plus, it lasts longer than other tooth fillings. Thus, the composite filling has very less quantity of BPA, and that is why it is a safe option to restore your damaged teeth.

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