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Can TMJ Pain Go Away on its Own?

Although the majority of people may not realize it, millions of Americans deal with reoccurring pain in the jaw, headaches and earaches. Sadly, this can be due to “TMJ” which stems from pain in the temporomandibular (TM) joints. Because these joints are located on both sides of a person's head, it can cause a lot of issues with pain in the face, jaw and even headaches.

TMJ refers to the many different causes and types of pain that stem from the joints. Because of the intricate and complex system of muscles and joints that connect the joints, it can be difficult to hone in on the exact reason. However, there is different processes and procedures that can help alleviate the pain.

Although sometimes the pain will go away and subside on its own, typically it will come back and do the proper steps to ensure it is not a reoccurring problem is imperative.


There are quite a few different symptoms that can stem from TMJ. Two of the most common types of pain that someone with TMJ can have is a pain in and around the ear along with headaches and neck aches that do not go away easily.

More of the symptoms that indicate TMJ include tenderness of the jaw and muscles. Also, jaw pain or soreness that seems to be more prevalent in the morning or late evening each day. Because of the movement throughout the day or during the night, these times can almost be like “clockwork” that someone notices they are having the pain related to TMJ.

Other symptoms can include:


Although there may be times that the symptoms of TMJ subside or go away completely, that does not mean the TMJ is gone. Typically it will take having a treatment done with your dentist to help in rectifying the problem and ensuring that symptoms do not pop back up unexpectedly.

The best person to talk to if you believe that you have TMJ is your dentist. Because of their knowledge and expertise in the mouth, jaw and facial areas, they will be able to give the best help in treating the pain along with the TMJ in general.


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