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How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

A professional teeth whitening treatment is one of the simplest, safest, and quickest ways to enhance your appearance. So how can you keep those high-wattage results from graying and yellowing?

Jeffrey Barrera, DDS of Sendero Dental Studio in Rancho Mission Viejo, California, offers the following tips.

1. Invest in a take-home kit

Maintain your newly whitened smile with a professional take-home kit. Your kit includes customized whitening trays made by a dental lab that fit securely around teeth and professional-grade whitening gel. Pop them in every couple of weeks for or whenever you need a refresh.

2. Keep up with cleanings

Twice a year cleanings and checkups at our office are essential to maintaining your oral health and the appearance of your teeth. 

3. Rinse and spit

Brushing after every meal isn’t always possible, but rinsing is usually doable. If you’ve eaten something you know can stain your teeth, a good swish of clean water can rinse away the worst of the pigments so they don’t linger on your teeth. 

Chewing sugar-free gum is another way to rid your mouth of stain agents. It stimulates your glands to produce saliva, which helps wash away the residue that causes stains.

4. Cut back on stain-causing culprits

You don’t need to go cold turkey and quit eating and drinking all your favorite foods and beverages, but it’s best if you can curb your cravings for the worst culprits. You probably know the ones that cause you problems, since they’re likely the things that led you to seek a teeth whitening treatment in the first place. 

Nevertheless, here is a reminder of some items you should limit if you’re trying to keep the stains at bay:

5. Brush a lot (but not too hard)

You know that good oral hygiene is essential for a healthy mouth and sparkling smile, but if you don’t do it right, brushing can cause more damage than good. 

Use a soft toothbrush used with a soft and gentle motion. Many people mistakenly believe that a hard brush and vigorous brushing is more effective at getting rid of plaque and tartar, but that can easily harm your gums and create a perfect environment for infection and disease. So do brush at least twice a day to keep the stains at bay, but practice a bit of restraint for best results.

If you’re interested in professional teeth-whitening treatment and for all of your oral health care needs, give Sendero Dental Studio a call at 949-204-3761, or request an appointment online.

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