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Spotting the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

About 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and only about half of those people will live more than five years after their diagnosis. Oral cancer isn’t particularly deadly, but it tends to be discovered late in its development. It’s important to get an early diagnosis of oral cancer for the best chance of survival.

Here at Sendero Dental Studio, our dentists carefully screen all of our patients for oral cancer at each checkup. We use the latest screening techniques and can provide you with information to help you keep an eye on your oral health. Many people haven’t heard of oral cancer, and even fewer know the warning signs. 

The warning signs of oral cancer

It’s easy to overlook the early stages of oral cancer because the symptoms can be quite subtle. In addition to getting regular oral cancer screenings from your dentist, you can increase your chances of catching oral cancer early by learning the warning signs. These include:

Because these symptoms may not be severe, and could indicate other illnesses or conditions, it’s important to get checked out immediately by a medical professional.

How is oral cancer diagnosed?

At Sendero Dental Studio, we provide all our patients with an oral cancer check during each dental visit. Your dentist examines your lips, mouth, head, and neck for any abnormal tissue, swelling, or other changes that could indicate cancer. .

Oral cancer sounds scary. If it’s caught early, treatment is most effective, and the chances of recovery are good. It’s critical that you know the warning signs of oral cancer and have regular screenings. 

At Sendero Dental Studio, we attend to all your dental needs, including regular screenings for oral cancer during every visit. Our experienced and compassionate dentists strive to provide you with a comfortable and quality dental care experience.

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